Friday, 30 May 2008

Dell Monitor Works, HDCP Dont work.

Beware Before you Buy Dell 30". Here is my review.

Components Used

Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-30 Widescreen LCD Monitor. With HDCP.

XFX 8800 GTS 330 MB

LG BE06 Blu-Ray ReWriter & HD-DVD ROM External Drive

HDMI to DVI Male to Male Video Cable Gold Plated for DVD TV HDTV PS3

So now we have all the conponants, As well as ps3 and pc. Installed cyberlink HD DVD software and it tells me my Monitor is not hdcp compatable. Above 720p. and when i pulg the ps3 all i get is blank screen. So i rang dell, and after 1 hour talking, they rang me back, and said. If we send a new Monitor it will do the same.

So what is the point in me buying an HDCP compatable monitor like it states on your website, HDCP should not have been said on website, as many people would buy this, For that reason. All he said was, He will get a manager to call me in 2 days time. But theres nothing we can do.

Hope this helps some people, So they dont go though all the hassle and time. To try and get this Monitor to play ps3 and hd dvds/Blueray.

Email to Place of Purchase....

I spoken to your sales team before buying dell30..and was told that it could play hd dvd and blueray disk at 1080i/pas stated on dell website.I recieved hd dvd drive. and could not play at 1080i.Talking to overclockers thinking it could be the drive at fault it was sent back for testing.since then ive tryed 2 pc with dual link dvi and ps3 with hdmi to dvi cable and it dont work. This monitor has not got a working HDCP. Dell, no this is a problem and its around on alot of forums. But they said if we replaced it, HD dvds with still not work at 1080i. and ps3. so whats the point in selling a product,saying it has hdcp when it claerly dont work. Hope to here from you soon. very unhappy with dell. ie buy a car with 1600 injection. then weeks down the line ,find out it has not got injection.

Time spent dealing with this problem..cyberlink email and phone calls,over 4 weeks
Overclockers, Phone calls, sending products back thinking it was not the monitor
Dell surport. Phone calls..Lots of work and extra money spent. GTH. Dell